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Midlands Music Services

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The Midlands Community Award Winning Service





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Add on our home service for only £5 PCM1

  1. Home service defined as our tutor coming to your home or regular place for the lesson each week. The £5 is to cover the tutors time and fuel to get to your house.
  2. MMS tutors will guarantee to make up a maximum of 4 lessons per annum if cancelled for any reason. Any further cancellations will be lost.
  3. Weekly video conference call available with a senior member of MMS staff is available for all clients. We will endeavour to cover any issues or questions you have on a private basis. To avoid disappointment it is better to book in for the call as, at peak times, we can get very busy.
  4. Pre loved is defined as a good quality 2nd hand instrument.  The maximum value for the Gold and Platinum packages stands at £9.99 PCM.  Any additional students on the platinum package could be eligible for a free pre loved instrument.  Further details can be obtained from any member of staff

Everything in the

Silver Package


Everything In the

Gold Package