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Midlands Music Services

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The Midlands Community Award Winning Service





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Professional and Passionate

We promise that your child will be treated as if they were our own. They will be encouraged and nurtured throughout their time with us. We go a long way to ensure we are constantly monitoring and improving our quality of care to ensure your child is happy within our organisation.

We know that when you leave your child for their music lesson you want complete peace of mind knowing your child is safe and receiving the best education possible with tutors that will treat them as an individual. You want to know they are with staff who will get the best possible results for them, are driven by your child and when you return at the end of the lesson you will be greeted by polite friendly staff who can’t wait to tell you about the exciting lesson they have had.

As parents and musicians, we understand how important a sound musical education is.

We believe that attaining musical knowledge is a discipline that supports a well rounded education.

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“I am most impressed with your determined efforts to make instrumental tuition available to pupils in your area. It is vital that there are people like you prepared to put in the effort especially with the huge financial pressures on services of this kind at the moment.”